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At Citrus Andriessen you take control of your own future

At Citrus Andriessen, everything revolves around creating innovative, reliable and high-quality solutions for the assessment domain (and especially examination software). But that’s not all we do! We are creative and try to form close personal ties with our clients. We are developers, architects and software builders and we constantly ask ourselves what will help our clients achieve their goals.

Passion, expertise and service

We like to offer opportunities to talented people who have a passion for software and want to work in the assessment environment. According to insiders, passion, expertise and service are the keywords that best describe our organisation. They also think that working for Citrus Andriessen means being part of a driven team in which people successfully achieve ambitious targets together.

In our organisation, we want to learn from and with each other and quality is vitally important. We not only think the quality of our work is really important, but also the quality of the knowledge and expertise of our employees. This is why we encourage professional development and career advancement, and value personal initiative.

Sounds good! Where can I apply?

Does the idea of working for our organisation appeal to you? Let us know how we can reach you by filling in the application form for one of our vacancies.

If you cannot find a suitable vacancy, but you are interested in working for Citrus Andriessen, please fill in your details on our contact form. We are always looking for enthusiastic co-workers!

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Would you like to know more about Citrus Andriessen?

More about Citrus Andriessen

Personal growth and professional development are receiving a growing amount of attention. In this respect, assessment is becoming increasingly more important for measuring, recognising and classifying acquired knowledge and skills. At Citrus Andriessen, we believe that intuitive assessment software is a powerful instrument for encouraging growth in an effective, flexible and efficient manner.

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